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Toddlers (Ages 12 – 24 months)

Toddlers Environment & Program:

On the Go!

Everyone has had the feeling on occasion that they just can’t sit still.  Some even refer to it as having “ants in the pants”.  Can you imagine feeling like that all day, every day of your life for about two years?  That undeniable urge to move, to go, and to do something…anything, is almost impossible to resist.

From the first steps, your child is on the move and it is a daily race for parents to keep up!  Toddlers are alive with curiosity and have the energy to feed the intrinsic need to explore and discover.  They do not do it through reading about it….it is accomplished through doing, through movement.

At the same time, toddlers are entering a period of language development which will be unequalled for the rest of their lives and they begin to develop more social awareness.  In this time, we begin to see the unfolding and blossoming of another beautiful personality which has been added to the world and we get to hear all about it – even if we can’t quite understand it all just yet. Brain based research has demonstrated the link between language development and acquisition and the amount of movement and physical activity a child engages in during this truly explosive time of learning.

Kids’ Galaxy teachers and staff are rested, ready and able to take your child’s hand and move with them through this truly amazing time.  They will help your child to harness this energy and absorb all of the fantastic discoveries that await them from our world…inside and out!  All the while, keeping them safe and loved.

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