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Preschool (Ages 4 - 5)

Private Preschool Environment & Program

Let's Get Set for School!

Your child has worked and learned so much through play and exploration from the moment they entered our world and has finally reached the day when they will begin the Preschool portion of the journey. This important final step in preparation for Kindergarten and the academic years beyond lays the foundations of success that your child will build upon throughout this year and into the future.

A Program Dedicated to Quality:

At Kids’ Galaxy, we make the necessary preparation to set the stage for your child’s preschool success before the children enter the classroom. Our teachers have the required academic degrees and experience which guarantees our children and parents the highest quality leader for this foundational year of learning. Our teachers are your partners on the road to mastery of the necessary skills in all of the key areas of learning, including: Physical Development and Motor Skills; Social and Emotional Development; Approaches to Play and Learning; Communication, Language, and Literacy; and, Cognitive Development and General Knowledge.

Teachers and Staff of Kids’ Galaxy are committed to providing your child(ren) the highest quality learning experience which supports multiple learning styles, fosters an awareness and respect of diversity, and achieves not only the Early Learning and Development Standards for the state of Georgia; but, which successfully supports children to achieve emerging or beginning mastery level skills aligned with the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten.

Utilizing the Kaplan’s ‘Learn Every Day’ Preschool Curriculum as the framework of our classroom experiences, teachers create a warm, welcoming and enriching environment that your child will be excited to explore each and every day. Through explorations in science, geography, culture, reading, mathematics, art and sensory opportunities, we successfully foster positive relationships and experiences for every child as they prepare for the road ahead. Ours is an interactive environment full of lessons children choose in addition to the directed exercises provided by the teacher. It is a rich and fulfilling learning experience of the highest quality.


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