Our programs are designed to take your child on an adventure to her success


Infants Day Care Program (Ages 6 weeks - 12 months)

Infants Environment & Program:

Your baby is our baby!

At Kids’ Galaxy, your infant will be cared for and encouraged to explore the world around them in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment filled with love.  
Our teachers and caregivers understand the unique responsibility of guiding an infant through their first forays into this strange and overwhelming new world which they have entered.  With the Pinnacle Curriculum to provide the proper framework and balance between play, discovery, and learning, your child will flourish!  

What is our secret?   Shhhhhh…. It is our special dedication to attention, interaction and affection for the little people you entrust to us.  

With the world around us picking up speed on a daily basis and with the necessity for you, our parents, to attend to the tasks which provide the best for your child, choosing us, our people, and our program to support the continuing growth and development of your greatest treasure is a wise choice.  Our parents are our partners in supporting and growing happy, healthy, and successful little learners!

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