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Create a craft that mimics the wonder of an actual nebula in space!
Simon Says Meet Your Feet

Play Simon Says to reinforce knowledge of the parts of the body.
Where Your Little Stars Shine

As parents, we know how important it is to pick the right child care program for your precious little star.Whether it’s for daycare, preschool, after-school care or summer camp, you want to be sure your kids are safe. But there’s more to it than that. Like rare flowers, your kids should be in an environment where they’re nurtured, cultivated and strengthened. That’s what we do at Kids’ Galaxy.

Our trained and dedicated staff are passionate about helping students reach their full potential and take great pride and joy in bringing out the best in them through activities and interactions guaranteed to make your child SHINE!

At Kids’ Galaxy, we set up a learning environment that’s not only fun, but designed to help foster real world skills. Students will develop positive social interaction in large and small groups and build the foundations for success in school. Here’s how it works. Our curriculum focuses on four goals. First, we focus on social aspects. Kids will learn to be comfortable in a new place away from their parents, as well as making new friends and learning group dynamics. Second, we focus on emotional aspects. They’ll work on self-confidence, pride, developing independence and self-control. Third, we’ll help with cognitive skills. They’ll develop their own ideas and begin problem solving. Additionally, they’ll learn how to manage success and setbacks, along with boosting language skills by describing thoughts and feelings. Finally, there’s physical goals. Students will get plenty of exercise and work their large and small muscle skills. They’ll also become confident and learn what their bodies can do.

We provide a holistic learning experience with caring attitude, positive people, healthy meals & snacks, clean and engaging classrooms and learning through play and discovery. With us, your child will build character, learn, and go further than you could ever imagine.

Let 'em Shine! Let 'em Shine! Let 'em Shine!


* Offer above is Free Private Pre-K with sibling enrollment - For GA Pre-K eligible students

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